Sour love

Every phone call I waited

Every message tone I waited

Every door bell I waited

I waited too long to care

Now it doesn’t bother me anymore

You made me wait too long

I agree I was wrong

But by sending me away

You showed how shallow your love was

One mistake, and you chose to throw it all away

Probably you thought I was perfect

But guess what none of us are

And that is why we were made in pairs

To perfect each other with love and care

But apparently you got the idea of love and marriage all wrong

It’s meant to make us perfect each other

Not be perfect for each other

Sad you forgot everything like it was just another day

But I will remember, remember it all,  so that no one can hurt me again in the same way

I will love again,  but not in the same way

Probably even better,  because  I will find a person who will deserve me

As for you, you will always be special, but as just another sour chapter of my life’s book…


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